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Examination Information

2022 Examinations Update

On 7th February 2022 the Education Secretary, Nadhim Zahawi stated: “Exams are the best and fairest form of assessment, and we firmly intend for them to take place this summer, giving students a fair chance to show what they know.

“We know students have faced challenges during the pandemic, which is why we’ve put fairness for them at the forefront of our plans. The information to help with their revision published today, as well as the range of other adaptations, will make sure they can do themselves justice in their exams this summer.”

In addition to the adaptations, papers will be graded more generously this summer than in a normal exam year, with the assessment watchdog Ofqual setting grade boundaries at a “midway point” between 2021 and when exams were last sat in 2019.

Jo Saxton, Ofqual’s chief regulator, said that the “generous approach to grading” would provide a “safety-net” for students. 


Information for Students and Parents– Summer 2022 

Key Exam Dates

  • Written Exams generally fall between 4th May – 28th June 2022**

Throughout the year Non-examined assessments and language speaking exams take place. Some items of work are then submitted to the Awarding Bodies according to a subject specific timescale.


**Please note that Awarding Bodies may, in an emergency, re-schedule any examination up to and including 29th June. It is the candidate’s responsibility to be available.

Provisional Results Days                                     

  • A-Level 18th August 2022
  • GCSE  25th August 2022

Information with regards to the collection of results will be issued closer to the time.

Key Contact Numbers

It is essential that you contact a member of the exams team immediately if you or your parents need help or advice at any time, please contact the exams team for advice. 

Examinations Officer:   01604




How will my child know what their individual timetables looks like for summer 2022?

Awarding Bodies issue examination dates and times, which enables the Exams team to produce timetables to candidates. A physical copy of these individual timetables has been issued and signed for by all students  

Timetables show date and start time of each examination that a candidate is due to sit, and specify subjects they are being entered for and the levels of entry, where applicable. Candidates are responsible for checking that these are correct and directing any concerns immediately to the Exams Office.  Some subjects only have one tier of entry, others have Foundation or Higher tiers.

The candidate must check everything on their timetable very carefully, particularly that all personal details (date of birth, spelling of names) are accurate, as these will appear on certificates, and it may be difficult to change them once certificates are awarded.

Timetables do not show coursework or assessments that take place in a timeframe rather that at a set time. Candidates must note carefully any dates, times and deadlines issued for these assessments that will be issued by their teachers.

A few candidates may have a clash where two subjects are timetabled at the same time.  The academy will make special timetable arrangements for these candidates only.  Your child must check their individual timetable.  If you think there is a clash that has not been resolved, candidates are urged to go to the Exams Office immediately.


My child has Special Arrangements/Medical Information how will this be applied?

Any special arrangements or identified, and specific medical conditions will be printed on the student name place card.  This is to assist exam staff and invigilators in implementing the arrangements and being aware of any special needs.  If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the Exams Office regarding this.


What will happen if my child is late to my examination?

Candidates are responsible for checking their own timetable and arriving at NSG on the correct day and time, properly dressed and equipped.  Candidates must arrive 10 minutes prior to the start time of their examination.  They must wait quietly outside the exam room until invited to enter by the examination invigilators.

Candidates who arrive late for an examination may still be admitted but may not receive any additional time.  If special consideration applies, then you must speak to the Examinations Officer (see Absence from Examinations).

Full School Uniform must be worn by all candidates for examinations.


What happens if my child is absent from Examinations?

If your child experiences difficulties during the examination period please inform the exams office the earliest possible opportunity so we can advise you. Only in ‘exceptional circumstances’ are candidates allowed special consideration for absence from any part of an examination. It is essential that medical or other appropriate evidence is provided on the day to the Examination Officer. The way that this is applied is used is explained in this linked document below
Guide_to_spec_con_process_2021_FINAL.pdf (


What is Malpractice and what are the potential consequences for malpractice?

This is a global term covering any breach in exam regulations or any behaviour issues that impact on any individual or the integrity of the examinations. The Centre has a responsibility for reporting any potential malpractice that is then investigated. There are 9 possible penalties ranging from a ‘Warning’ through to a ‘Candidate Debarral’ Full details can be found at: content/uploads/2021/09/Malpractice_21-22_FINAL.pdf