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Examination Information


Results Day

The results days for summer 2022.

A-Level Results Day - Tuesday 18th August 2021 - School will open at 8:30am

GCSE Results Day – Thursday 25th August 2021 - School will open at 8:30am


  •  A-Level and GCSE results will be available for collection in person from the Clare Restaurant,via the main reception, from 8:30am on the published results day. In addition, results will be provided electronically to students via Edulink One and their school email account; again these will again be released from 8:30am.
  • Provisional Sixth Form offers information will also be provided for all Northampton School for Girls Post-16 applicants at this time 
  • Senior staff, including the Director of Sixth Form will be available in school between 8:30am and 1pm to support students and provide guidance around next steps and future plans

Appeals Information 

In early June the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) finally published the process for students wishing to appeal their results this summer. A copy of the JCQ document can be found below

JCQ Appeals Guidance Summer 2021

It is important to note that all appeals must be made by the student through the school, appeals cannot be made directly to the exam board by an individual. In addition, an appeal will only be successful if either an error is found or the grade awarded or the selection of evidence are found to be an unreasonable exercise of academic judgement. Schools are required to also ensure students are made aware that any appeal can result in a grading going down as well as a grade going up. This grade will be final and this year specifically students will not be able to select the better of the 2 grades.


A copy of the NSG appeal procedure and paperwork can be found below as can the Centre Policy.

Student request form for reviews and appeals 

Centre Policy

A student who believes a grade to be incorrect will need to complete the NSG appeals paperwork found below and on the school website. A centre review – an internal review by NSG, checking for any errors must be completed first. If a student still believes a grade to be incorrect then they can request their school submit an exam board review.

Additional advice and guidance has been provided by the DfE and can be accessed below


As you will be aware the usual processes and procedures for GCSE and A-Level examinations will not be followed this year. As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic the government had confirmed that, GCSEs and A-levels will be cancelled in 2021.

From our experiences of last year when examinations were also cancelled, we know that many of our students will be feeling unsettled and uncertain about what this will mean for them, and that parents and carers will also be experiencing similar emotions. As always, we will do everything we can to offer support and reassurance and share updated information with you openly, so that you are as fully informed as possible at every stage.

On Wednesday 6th January, the Secretary of State for Education explained that the government would be in consultation with Ofqual, to rapidly agree an approach for “alternative arrangements” that will allow students to progress fairly and that these alternative arrangements will take the form of ‘teacher assessments.

On Thursday 25th February Ofqual published the outcomes of their consultation, which set out the rationale for their decision making on the awarding of grades this year.

For clarity, here are important details:

  • Schools will be able to draw on a range of evidence when determining grades, including the optional use of questions provided by exam boards, as well as internal assessments, coursework, or other work completed as part of a student’s course, such as essays or in-class assessments.
  • Schools will be expected to submit grades to examination boards by Friday 18 June, allowing as much teaching time as possible before schools make their assessments.
  • Results days for AS and A level will be Tuesday 10th August 2021.
  • Results for GCSE will be Thursday 12th August 2021.
  • Students will be able to appeal their grade.

The consultation also states:

‘A student who is unhappy with their grade will first ask their centre to check whether an administrative or procedural error has been made. Where a centre does identify an error in the grade submitted to the exam board, it can submit a revised grade and a rationale for the board to consider. If the exam board is satisfied with the rationale, it will issue a revised grade. Where a centre does not believe an error had been made, a student can ask the centre to appeal to the exam

board on their behalf. The centre will submit the student’s appeal to the exam board and provide the evidence on which its judgement had been made; the exam board will consider whether, in its view, the grade reflected an appropriate exercise of academic judgement. If the exam board judges that it did not, the exam board will determine the grade that the evidence would support. The exam board will also check that the centre had followed its own process.’

Student guide to awarding summer 2021


It is important that students carefully read the “Declaration for candidate for assessments” This document, supported by JCQ, has been written to help students understand the rules around both remote and in school assessments. It is important that all students follow these instructions, failure to do so may result in your work being considered invalid. If you have any questions in regard to any aspect of this declaration it is your responsibility to contact the Exams Officer immediately via



Helen Barker – Exams Officer (OAK 12)
01604 679556



Students who are unhappy with their outcomes this summer will also have the opportunity to sit GCSE and A-Level papers in school, during the additional exam season this autumn 

If you wish to apply please complete and return the application form found below. 

A copy of the dates and timings of the exams available in the autumn  can be found below. 



GCSE and A-Level exam certificate collection will take place on the 8th and 17th December 2021 between 2pm and 5:30pm. Please see the attached letter from the Exams Office for more details