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Our students are at the centre of all we do at Northampton School for Girls and we are committed to supporting them to achieve academic excellence and to flourish personally. Benefiting from an extensive Pastoral Team, Form Tutors, Heads of Year and our team of School Counsellors work cohesively to enhance the experiences of our students during their time with us. 

We pride ourselves on knowing each of our students well, recognising that we are a large school where everyone deserves to be, and is, know. We ensure that students are happy and healthy – in body and in mind – because we know that only then will they truly achieve their full potential.

We involve our students in the Pastoral Team too and have a large and thriving group of Peer Mentors, who go through a training programme, to become a point of contact for students tha may benefit from 'peer-to-peer' support – whether it is struggling with homework or time management, or something more personal. Our Sixth Form leadership team play a prominent role in this.