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We are really fortunate to have such a supportive and close community of parents at Northampton School for Girls and we are committed to maintaining close relationships with them to maximise the support we offer our students.

Chosing a secondary school is one of the most importance decisions you will make for your child and we are delighted that you have chosen Northampton School for Girls. The vision of our founders was to create a school that was fearless in challenging stereotypes and championing excellence in girls' education; we continue our commitment to that. 

Northampton School for Girls continues to be one of the most successful comprehensive schools in the region. Our focus on providing excellent teaching, quality pastoral care and a creative curriculum means that students thrive in everything they do. We work hard to develop curiosity, a love of learning, resilience and kindness in our students. 

Day to day our school is filled with students participating in vibrant music, arts and drama, as well as engaging lessons in science, maths and the humanities among others. Our extensive facilities and grounds mean that we are also able to offer a broad range of sporting events, all of which combine to create an unrivalled offer for students in the Northamptonshire.