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Partnership with Parents

Partnership with parents

At Northampton School for Girls, we put a tremendous amount of emphasis on parental involvement in their child’s education. Educational research shows the beneficial effects this has. A positive partnership between the school and parents, with active parental involvement, helps students’ personal, academic and spiritual development during their vital years in school.

We pride ourselves in the close partnerships that we have with our students' families and recognises that parents are as important as teachers in:

  • monitoring learning – regularly discussing learning, homework and attainment with their child
  • fostering values and good character –supporting their child’s personal development and encouraging them to develop a positive character
  • supporting an organised approach – helping their child to be organised for success, by having all the right equipment and uniform and by being in the right place at the right time
  • motivating and raising aspirations – motivating their child and encouraging them to fulfil the potential with which they have been blessed.

We believe that our partnership approach to working with parents plays a huge part in the success of our students at Northampton School for Girls. Our commitment to pastoral care and to ensuring that every student gets personal attention means that parents can be assured that their children will flourish in our safe and secure learning environment.

Regular communications

An effective partnership relies on high quality communication and we are committed to regular, accurate, useful communications with our parents and carers. The Headteacher sends regular and timely correspondence to parents and, similarly, there is regular communication from the Heads of Year and key personnel from the school. 

We welcome parents and carers contacting the school and do all we can to help with your questions and enquiries. Our website is reviewed and updated regularly and is the main source of news and information about the school. As well as this, we have several social media channels that we use to provide updates and share information about life at the school. 

Communicating Progress

Student success is achieved through robust and aspirational target setting and close tracking of progress at all levels – supported by real-time attainment and behaviour data. In order to keep parents informed of their child’s progress and behaviour, the school provides:

  • Regular reports shared electronically.
  • Consultation evenings to review progress and set targets.
  • A performance review meeting with a school leader each half term to review each child’s progress, if their levels/grades are below nationally expected averages.

We expect all parents/carers to attend the Consultation evenings to which they have been invited.