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NSG Curriculum


Northampton School for Girls (NSG) is an ambitious and thriving school committed to providing a broad, modern, enriching and inspiring education to ensure that NSG girls have the confidence, independence, motivation and ambition to succeed within and beyond the school. We are a highly inclusive school, committed to achieving academic excellence for our students, ensuring that they flourish personally and make a difference to the world around them: locally, nationally and internationally. 

Underpinned by our values of Respect for Self, Respect for Others and Respect for Learning, Northampton School for Girls provides an enriching curriculum alongside an impressive co-curricular offer that builds character and resilience, whilst inspiring and enabling students to achieve and become successful, well-rounded young adults in a fast-changing world. 

Within our multi-cultural community, ‘Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural Development’, plays an important role. These aspects are covered in ‘Personal, Social, Health and Economic’ (PSHE) education, enrichment days, social enterprise activities and events, assemblies and tutor activities. Our girls understand what it is to live in a tolerant, diverse society following the laws of the land, to believe in the importance of individual liberty and to enjoy freedom in our democratic country. A wide range of visits and co-curricular activities provide opportunities for our girls to develop as leaders, learn how to communicate under pressure and to encourage and enthuse others. Above all, our girls are not afraid to challenge themselves in order to achieve success. 

At Northampton School for Girls, students appreciate the impact that they have on others and particularly the responsibility that they have to give of their time, talents and charity to the wider community. We foster an environment where students can expand their minds, think flexibly, develop the skills of leadership that they all have within them, and grow as individuals. 



At Northampton School for Girls, students are at the centre of our curriculum model. We are committed to providing a ‘traditionally’ academic curriculum for our students to ensure they are well prepared for the next stage in their education and are able to access university, apprenticeships or work successfully. Our curriculum offers a wide breadth of academic subjects, alongside the development of essential skills that ensures our students are empowered to become confident, independent, articulate, emotionally literate and socially astute.  We follow the recommendations of the National Curriculum, ensuring that all statutory requirements are delivered, but go much further than this in the offer and opportunities we provide.  

An increasing number of students follow the Ebacc and, where appropriate, we provide a bespoke and better suited curriculum for individuals. Progress 8 measures continue to be above national average, increasing year on year, along with attainment, evidencing the success of our curriculum. Class sizes average 26 students across Years 7 to 11. 

The school day at NSG is split into 6 sessions of 50 minute lessons, with a 25 minute break in the morning and 45 minutes for lunch. During this time, students partake in many clubs and activities. There is a 25 minute tutor time and assembly time each day. Students are able to stay after school from Monday to Friday until 4.45pm to take part in extra-curricular activities or to study in the libraries. 


Northampton School for Girls operates a three year KS3 during which girls are taught a broad and balanced curriculum in both mixed ability and banded classes. In year 9, students have the opportunity to tailor their curriculum in languages and DT, enabling them the opportunity for deeper academic study in these areas. Final GCSE options are agreed by the end of year 9.

The curriculum allocation is as follows:

In Year 7, girls have a weekly double lesson in Music. They are all given opportunities to perform to their class, and challenged to make at least one appearance on the Theatre stage. At the end of year 7, girls take part in an outdoor education day with their tutor group.

In years 8 and 9 all girls have a weekly Dance lesson with their tutor group. All students are given the opportunity to join a residential visit as part of Applied Week. This includes languages, humanities, sport and music tours.


In KS4, an increasing number of girls follow an Ebacc curriculum, whilst others may undertake a personalised pathway. Additionally, students select a range of options (18 optional subjects available). 

The curriculum allocation is as follows:



Northampton School for Girls Sixth Form provision is co-educational, admitting boys as well as girls. 

In KS5, we offer 23 A Levels and 4 BTEC subjects. In Year 12, students select 3 subjects and choose a pathway (indicated below). Where appropriate some students study 4 A Levels. 

Each subject is allocated 6 lessons per week, with an additional supervised study programme. All students follow the PSHE enrichment programme. Work experience also takes place in Year 12.

The curriculum allocation is as follows:


Download our Key Stage 4 prospectus and / or our Key stage prospectus here 

NSG Main Prospectus

NSG Year 9 Subject Choices Booklet

NSG Sixth form Prospectus