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At The Sixth Form, we acknowledge the essential role that good school attendance plays in academic and personal development for Post 16 students. Promoting regular attendance is a key component in students’ employability skills and work ethic.  Consistent high levels of attendance and excellent punctuality are characteristics of students who achieve above or in-line with their potential. Research shows that poor attendance and punctuality have a serious and detrimental effect on outcomes. Attendance falling below 95% has been shown to result in an average reduction of one grade at A level per subject and this increases to two grades when attendance falls below 90%. Our attendance target is set at an aspirational level of 97% to ensure the best possible outcomes for our students.


Students are responsible for their attendance and punctuality.  They should make every effort to make medical/dental appointments and driving lessons out of school hours. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that parents/carers make contact with school if they are unable to attend for any reason.

Wearing their lanyard at all times and ensuring they scan in and out of school whenever entering or exiting the site is essential to maintaining students' attendance record and adhering to our safeguarding procedures.


We encourage parents to take an active interest in ensuring students attend school regularly and punctually and ask that parents and carers report student absence to the school via our online Edulink system or by telephone, rather than the student reporting their own absence.

Holiday Requests 

Term time holidays are not approved in the sixth form and applications for them will be declined, as per our whole-school attendance policy.