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Sixth Form Dress Code

As role models to their younger peers, we expect our sixth form students to dress appropriately for the school working environment. 

We do not, however, wish to prevent individuality and we recognise that the workplace our students are preparing for has fewer restrictions in terms of dress than for previous generations. We therefore believe that it is a fitting privilege to have a reasonable amount of personal choice in the sixth form but students also have a responsibility to dress in the expected manner. Please remember that we are a diverse community and we have a responsibility to consider the sensibilities of all members. We do not wish to have a long list of rules with specific measurements of clothing like some schools but we have provided some guidance below. This list is not exhaustive and we reserve the right to point out other issues as they arise. The overriding principle is that it is the judgement of the staff that determines what is suitable or not.
As such, we have developed a dress code with the following principles at its heart:

Clean, Covered and Comfortable


  • Footwear should be appropriate
  • No caps and hats
  • No bodycon/tube dresses or skirts
  • No micro-mini skirts/dresses
  • No slogans that could be considered abusive or offensive
  • No excessively ripped jeans
  • No underwear should be visible
  • No cropped tops, skinny strap tops, backless tops
  • No beachwear (including sliders/flip flops)
  • No facial piercings, large looped or tunnel earrings
  • Shorts of an acceptable length may be worn in hot weather
  • No fishnet tights
It is possible that, at times, you may not meet our expectations and then we will intervene to let you know and we will expect you to respond by adapting your dress.