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Preparing for PPEs

Year 11 Pre-Public Examinations (PPEs) are scheduled to run from 6th to 17th December 2021.  

The Year 13 PPEs are scheduled to run from 6th to 25th January 2022

These "trial" or "mock" exams are vitally important for identifying what students know and understand, and what concepts and skills they still need to secure. They will give teachers the information they need to plan their lessons so that they address the learning needs of their students, as well as enabling students to plan their revision time efficiently and effectively as we approach the final exam season.

We are mindful of the fact that our Year 13 students have not had the experience of sitting a series of external examinations due to Covid-19 and the awarding of Centre Assessed Grades.  We are also mindful that Year 11 students have had a limited experience of sitting exams in a large, formal setting. We are therefore implementing a range of strategies to help both of these examination groups prepare  for their external exams in the summer. To support them  to prepare effectively for both the  PPEs and their final  exams, teachers will be focussing on exam and revision techniques in lessons alongside teaching new content.  We are also increasing our support of student wellbeing throughout this period. For Year 11 this will come via the tutors during PSHE, for Year 13 this will be in the form of additional materials on the Wellbeing Google Classroom and bespoke 'Wellbeing Workshops' for small groups, tailored to students' concerns.  

We have also provided videos and a comprehensive guide to revision on this page to help both students and their parents and carers. 
We thank you for taking the time to watch them. 
By working together in this way, we hope to maximise the chances of success for all our fantastic students.

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