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Mission & Values statements


Through strong relationships and a culture of respect, we will nurture and develop each of our students to become independent, confident, academically successful and responsible individuals who will strive to achieve their very best in all aspects of life.
Our mission statement is encapsulated in our three ‘Respects’ which underpins all aspects of school life:

Respect for Self      Respect for Others      Respect for Learning

These statements are prominent in and around the school and inform every decision we take.


Our values are held within three ‘non-negotiable’ aspects which, we believe, are fundamental to the life of our school and which best represent our beliefs in education. These non-negotiables are: high achievement, inclusion and the development of the whole child. The combination of these ideals, along with our heritage of musical excellence, creates a learning environment unique to NSG.


  • We promote a positive attitude to learning, encouraging our students to take responsibility for their own learning and enabling them to make appropriate choices.
  • We provide an environment which celebrates diversity, the pursuit of knowledge, the development of an inquisitive mind and which encourages our students to become lifelong learners
  • We expect our students to become confident, articulate individuals with high aspirations and we give the opportunities to help them develop and achieve this
  • We are committed to excellence in teaching and learning. We delight in celebrating the achievements of our students and staff, recognising progress in all areas of school life.


  • We provide a safe, calm and trusting learning environment, where all our students respect themselves, respect others and respect learning
  • We welcome all students; tailoring the curriculum to best meet the needs of individuals, enabling our students to reach their potential.
  • We believe that all our students should be happy and enjoy their time in school and we actively work to provide the climate in which this occurs
  • We strive to reveal our students’ potential and guide them towards achieving it. We inspire self-confidence and self-belief in our students, and ask them to strive for the best they can be in life.
  • We never give up on our students; we trust and believe that all can achieve.


  • We have a nurturing and caring ethos where all students belong, feel secure and value the support and guidance offered by all staff in the school.
  • We encourage individuality and act on our students’ views. We support our students on their journey through school, recognising the impact that other aspects of life can have on their personal development
  • We know that working in partnership with families provides the best route to supporting young women in achieving their potential.
  • We provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities and opportunities that will enrich the learning experience and encourage our students to participate in them