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At Northampton School for Girls we ensure that all of our students (through years 7-13) receive the very best advice on their future, appropriate to their age and tailored to their individual needs. We recognise that whilst many of our students will continue their education at university, we also provide guidance on the local job market, apprenticeships which may be available to them and information on international opportunities they may wish to explore in a gap year. We deliver our careers provision through local fairs and conventions; via PHSE; through the curriculum; with visits to universities and through seminars delivered by local employers. We also have an independent and impartial careers advisor who meets with students informally through “drop ins” and through bookable sessions. They work closely with our students in small groups and in individual one-to-one meeting.

This provision is co-ordinated by our Head of Careers, Louisa Fowler who can be contacted by email at or by phone on 01604 679540. Opportunities for access can be found in our Provider Access Policy

Provision Summary

Students in Year 7 complete a detailed life skills PSHE programme, in Year 7 and 8 students may select to participate in an enterprise related project in Applied Week, before we introduce our students to a work-related project in Year 9. Following that project, we use PHSE to introduce the students to Career Guidance Providers such as Fast Tomato or icould, in order to help them make an informed decision about their job prospects. Learning in PSHE and curriculum areas is supported with the developing use of the Grofar package. Students in Year 8 and 9 spend time in the Spring Term focusing on career opportunities in each area of the curriculum, this is followed for Year 9 with a GCSE Choices and Careers evening, in order to ensure that our students make a decision that will enable them to follow a path of their choosing.

Moving into the GCSE years, our Careers Adviser uses PHSE to inform all students on how to use the web safely and productively to obtain further Careers Guidance, and they are also instructed in the art of CV writing. Grofar supports tutors and our career adviser to carefully match opportunities to individual students interests and aspirations, ensuring we raise our students’ awareness about all options available to them post-16, including apprenticeships and training, FE provision and other 6th form providers. Enterprise and citizenship skills are explored in tutor time, through assemblies, lunchtime lectures and year group activities and then developed further through Applied Week

At Post-16, we focus on providing the knowledge students require to make the right decision for their future; they attend a national careers fair where they can weigh up the benefits of university against an apprenticeship or direct entry in the job market, whilst at school a strong PSHE programme supported with bespoke careers advice ensures that students feel supported to confidently make decisions about their future pathways.

In line with the Gatsby Benchmarks recommendations our provision ensures that:

  1. Students are provided with opportunities to develop the knowledge, resilience and skills required to become effective workers in a world where employment opportunities are constantly changing.
  2. Students and parents are introduced to the variety of job opportunities available to them through assemblies, seminars and careers conventions.
  3. NSG works closely with the NEP to ensure labour market information is relevant and up to date.
  4. Students are encouraged to explore options by using the NCS website and the Careers Library, as well as receiving information in PHSE. This is followed up with meetings with our Careers Advisor.
  5. Students are encouraged to think about how their education applies to their working life through practical sessions in Applied Week, as well as through content embedded in the curriculum.
  6. We regularly hold careers conventions, and Further Education Fairs, as well as inviting employers from around the county to deliver lunchtime lectures.
  7. Students are assisted in finding work experience in year 12. They are given two weeks off timetable in order to maximise the potential of this opportunity.
  8. Students are taken to a National Careers Fair, and universities regularly visit the school to offer advice and support.

CAREERS Documents

The National Careers Service Website can be used by students and parents to book a telephone appointment with an advisor. 
This website contains a wealth of information and can be used to find out more about jobs. You can also arrange to speak to an advisor through the website; these on-line interviews allow you to ask detailed and specific questions. 
This website is an excellent first destination; it provides a great deal of help and advice designed to help you to start a discussion about careers with your child. 
An extremely useful website, this accessible resource provides information on different routes into a successful career, giving facts and guidance on various options. 
A clear website which will demystify learning and training options for you, explaining all of the different qualifications options. They also give the low down on university options and money matters. 
This is a useful website covering finance at university as well as information on how to choose a university. It has many up-to-date links to the latest information. 
LifeSkills, created with Barclays, helps young people get the skills and experiences they need to enter the world of work. 
is the approved communication channel, commissioned by the National Apprenticeship Service, to support the Apprenticeship Support& Knowledge for Schools project