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GCSE Results


The Performing Arts are a Hit at NSG Students at Northampton School for Girls were congratulated by teachers and families today as they celebrated their GCSE results.  Singled out for particular praise were girls who achieved As and A*s across the board including Mary Biyi with 7A* and 5As, Emily Haddon with 2A* and 9As, Olivia Soper with 8A* and 3As and Alisha Thomas with 7A* and 4As.  Another high achiever was Alicia Dominique who not only achieved 10A*s and 2 As, but also a grade A for AS Level German.  Other fantastic achievers were girls who gained 8 or more A/A*s including Alex Asvestopoulou, Sam Banks, Millie Bilson, Storm Christofi, Laura Earl, Emma Howard, Alesha Jacobs, Hermoine Lloyd-Loasby, Chloe Longley, Ella Machin-Bradbury, Rutendo Maponga, Ruth Murphy, Emma Price, Riya Roie and Somya Sharma.  Many others achieved a string of A*s, As and Bs.  Julia Harley, Headteacher said, ‘we are extremely proud of the achievements of our girls.  To see so many of them gain the highest grades is very satisfying. Our girls worked unbelievably hard and truly deserve these fantastic outcomes.They have very bright futures ahead of them and we are looking forward to watching them achieve even more in Year 12.’ The school were particularly proud of results in the performing arts subjects; including Dance where 94% of girls gained A* – C. Similar success was evident in Drama with 84% and Music with 82%.  These stand out performances at GCSE are a result of the school’s decision to retain the music specialism, despite the performing arts subjects being marginalised in the government’s performance measures.  Assistant Headteacher, Paul Parker said, ‘in a year where record numbers of students gained grade 8 and grade 8 distinction in instrumental and vocal exams, it’s also fantastic to see the performing arts subjects do so well at GCSE.  The school’s commitment to developing the whole child through music, dance and drama, as well as other arts subjects, is what transforms our girls into lifelong learners.’ Other subjects achieving over 70% A* – C include English Language, English Literature, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Art, Textiles, Graphics, Ethics and Philosophy, French and German.  Special mention is given to Sport BTEC with 93%, Food Technology with 92% and ICT with 100%.  Carly Waterman, Deputy Headteacher, said, ‘we are so lucky to have such dedicated and talented staff who work tirelessly with our students to help them realise their potential.  Our students are always very appreciative of the outstanding teaching and support they receive.  It’s what makes NSG so special.’ The school were keen to praise the efforts of students who have had to overcome significant obstacles in their lives.  Particular praise was offered to Olivia Rapley and Kim Barnes who were pleased to achieve C grades or higher in 5 or more GCSEs including English and Maths.  Val Hodson, Deputy Headteacher said ‘we are, as always, proud of our girls and their achievements.  Our students work extremely hard and are supported at all stages by teachers and families.  These students were part of a stunning year group who never failed to impress us with their care for one another and their sense of positivity.’

A Level results press release


Staff and students at Northampton School for Girls were celebrating today after receiving stunning AS and A Level results, marking another strong year for the fully inclusive sixth form.  Personal and academic achievements were praised by teachers and parents, as many students learned they had gained places in some of the country’s top universities. At A Level, 92% of students gained 3 or more passes and and 92% gained at least one grade C. Julia Harley, Headteacher, said, “I am absolutely delighted with the achievement of our students.  As a result of their outstanding success, over 100 students will be heading to university next term.  It is a truly fitting way to celebrate the 100th birthday of the school.” In stand-out subjects, the amount of students gaining grades at A* – B is very high, including Textiles at 79% and Dance at 75%.  BTEC sport had another outstanding year with a 100% pass rate, and 6 out of 7 students gaining the equivalent of an A*.  The percentage of students gaining A* – C in subjects was also very impressive, including 90% in Drama, 90% in Film Studies, 100% in Further Maths, 92% in Psychology and 93% in Sociology.   Similarly, there are students who have achieved results they should be very proud of, including Cleo Annandale with 3 As who is going to study violin at the Royal Northern College of Music, Sophie Battison with 2 A*s and an A going to study Economics at Nottingham, Arianne De Los Santos with 1 A* and 2 As going to University College London to read Law, Olivia Maxwell with 3 As going on to study Biochemistry at Leeds, Jemima Phillips who, with 1 A* and 2 As, is going to study Biomedical Science at Kings College London, Abbie Pickering with one A* and 2 As who will studying International Relations and Politics at Cardiff and Hayley Wagstaff with 2 A*s and an A going on to study Geography at Leeds. Assistant Headteacher and Head of Sixth Form, Jane MacDonald said, “we are once again delighted with our results, particularly the increased number of students achieving A* to B grades.  It is very satisfying that the vast majority of our students have got into the university of their choice.  A huge well done to all our students and their families.”   Similar success was achieved at AS Level, where 84% of students gained 3 or more grades at A* to E, and 96% gained 2 or more.  Particular congratulations go to Eoife Alder, Lucy Evans, James Flannery, Sofie Osmani, Grace Reynolds and Maddy Smith who all achieved 4 A grades.  Carly Waterman, Deputy Headteacher, said, ‘we want to congratulate all our students on their excellent results.  Seeing Year 12 achieve such strong AS results is particularly pleasing because we know the advantage this gives them in their A2 year.  It also means they can apply for competitive courses in the country’s most prestigious universities, which is wonderful.’ Particular praise is given to students who have overcome many obstacles to achieve excellent outcomes including Fanta Barrie, Demi Ryan, Tiana Gordon and Alice Findlay. Val Hodson, Deputy Headteacher said, “we are so proud of the achievements of all our students, particularly those who have faced a range of challenges, yet have remained so focused on learning.” Another cause for celebration is the unrivaled success of our students in music.  In addition to impressive pass rates at AS and A2 in Music and Music Technology, numerous students have achieved Grade 8 in instrumental and singing lessons, including three students in Year 13 who have gained Grade 8 Distinction in Singing – qualifications which are worth 75 UCAS points.  In addition, there are 5 students going on to study their chosen instrument at music college, two going to drama college and three pursuing courses related to song-writing or popular music at the Bristol or London campuses of BIMM (The British and Irish Modern Music Institute).

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons

Instrumental and Vocal Lessons booked for 2015 – 2016 / Music Clubs  All Music Clubs / Instrumental and Vocal Lessons will take place the week commencing Monday 7 September 2015. Timetables will be displayed on the noticeboard in the PA Block as we receive them from NMPAT teachers. Please ensure that instrument cases are clearly labelled with student’s name and tutor group.

New Presidents for 2015

President: Daniela Johnston Vice Presidents: Kirsten Noble, Tazz Seyward, Nicole Johnson, Alice Findlay Northampton School for Girls has contributed enormously to the  development of generations of girls who have spent their time with us. The attributes and qualities which are formed here are ones that will remain with us  throughout our lives: characteristics such as determination and perseverance as well as respect and empathy for others and the confidence to meet the varied challenges of life . Whether it is through the medium of music, arts, academics or social learning, everyone at NSG is happy to support our endeavours. I am both grateful and proud to be the President of our school this year, and will do my utmost to uphold NSG’s ethos to the best of my ability. Daniela Johnstone